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Pernil Recipe

Pernil is a staple dish for Caribbean cuisine. This dish is very popular around the holidays and occasionally made throughout the year. We decided to share this recipe on our page so others can make this delicious staple dish. Once you try it out feel free to share your experience making this recipe via


~ 8 cloves of Garlic

~ Seasoning* (Personal Preference)

~ 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil

~ 5 Teaspoons Lime Juice

~ 8lb -10lb Pork Shoulder

*Common seasonings used for this recipe are Adobo, Kosher Salt, Oregano, and Black Pepper


  1. Using a mortar and pestle grind your seasonings and garlic cloves together

  2. After cleaning the pork shoulder with lime juice, pat dry and poke 1 inch holes through the meat.

  3. After this, pour the seasoning over the meat and ensure to get it inside the holes. For best results, marinate the meat for 3-24 hours.

  4. Once the meat is fully marinated, heat the oven to 350, and put it on an aluminum pan, with foil on top.

  5. After about an hour, remove the foil and continue to roast for 2-3 hours while basting.

  6. You’ll know the meat is fully cooked by poking a knife in the skin and if it comes out clean it’s fully cooked.


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