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Mental Health Matters: Strategies for Afro-Latina Women to Implement Into their Daily Routines

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time where we all should take a moment to check in with ourselves. As Afro-latina women, it’s important to take a step back, and engage in self care techniques that allow you to realign yourself. Taking care of yourself, mentally and physically, is a universal process that many of us undergo as we try to find our own ways to best proceed. For Afro-Latina women, the intersection of our race, gender, ethnicity and nationality makes our identity complex for others to understand, stressing the importance of self care. Below are some mental health tips that can help begin your process of taking care of your mental health. We encourage each and everyone of you to prioritize your mental health not only in the month of May but all year long.

[Mental health tips]

  • Identify key stressors, aim to reduce these as much as possible

  • Establish a morning routine that allows you to begin your day with gratitude and intention(s)

  • Implement daily meditation into your routine for ease throughout the day

  • Keep a journal to write down your thoughts, goals or any emotions you may be experiencing

  • Find things that bring you joy such as listening to a podcast, tuning into your favorite show, or spending time with loved ones

  • Set up a routine that allows you to physical exercise in a form that feels most comforting to you

  • If accessible to you, try to seek out a therapist

We hope these tips begin your own mental health journey, and feel free to share with us what tips you implement into your daily routine


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