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Latinas Embrace the Natural Hair Movement

March also serves as Women’s History Month, a time where many celebrate the contributions of women to history, culture and society. For women of color, the month provides space to reflect upon moments of resilience, contributions we make to spaces we occupy, and learn about women-led initiatives that have cultivated positive changes within society.

The Natural Hair Movement has spread all throughout the globe and you can see this via social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Around the 2000s, women around the world embarked on this journey by eliminating their codependent relationship with relaxers and embracing their natural hair texture. In more recent years, social media has played a key role in keeping the natural hair movement growing and consistent. The movement has also allowed women to connect and find community with each other through their hair. This can be seen through various events, blogs, and social media platforms. One event is CURLFEST, an event curated for women with natural hair to celebrate themselves and learn more about initiatives being created for women within this community.

As March continues, we would love for you to reflect and share some ways the Natural Hair Movement has served you? Submit photos to for a feature on our social media page where we highlight all things beauty, including our natural hair!


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