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Graduation — Season of Celebration

May marks the beginning of graduation season for many across the country. This year we want to celebrate and highlight the accomplishments of Latino graduates as they pursue different paths through the world of academia. Studies have shown that Latinos in the U.S. have demonstrated rapid growth in relation to education enrollment rates both in high school and colleges. With college enrollment rates on the rise, the cost of college has become a burden for many as they embark on this journey. Despite the challenges that arise for Latino students in their pursuit of higher education, graduation rates have been on a steady incline over these past recent years.

Becoming a college graduate has a significant impact on not only the individual but the Latino community as well. The knowledge gained while obtaining a degree serves as a fundamental basis for lifelong learning. Along with this, it empowers people to use their skills to create opportunities for themselves. After graduating, some Latinos continue pursuing education by getting a Masters degree, while others enter the workforce. These two choices are not the only possibilities that exist as some may choose to take a gap year or begin a traveling career.

“Believing in your talents, your abilities and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path”

-Soledad O’ Brian


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