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Afro-Latina of The Week: Tationna Bosier

Afro-Latina from: Honduras

Hometown: New York City

Occupation/What Are You Best Known For: Actor on NBC 's Law & Order SVU, ID Channel shows, Comedy Central's "The Daily Show", etc.

Instagram Handle: @TationnaBosier

Twitter Handle: @TationnaBosier

Do you speak Spanish?: "Spanglish" Lol

Share an experience about being Afro-Latina: It was great to be recognized on Complex magazine's 2009 "Hottest Honduran" list, but as an actor I've had trouble being cast as latina due to narrow stereotypes that all latinas are only a certain shade. This is not just hollywood, I can't recall seeing any dark skinned Latinas on novelas. I would like to see more of us represented in the media but afro-latina actors such as Zoe Saldana really help to change the industry for the better.

What Latin traditions do you stick to? My grandmother June, migrated from Honduras when she was 20 years old and made a living as a Spanish teacher and guidance counselor. The language didn't stick with me as well as she would have liked it to but her cooking did. She made the best conch soup and catrachitas but my favorite were her platanos maduros, I still have them with almost every meal.

What is a beauty routine you could not go without? I'm all about skincare. Because I have to wear makeup all the time for work, I love days when I can just be simple and fresh-faced. Black soap is the healer for everything and sunblock is essential. There's this myth that dark skinned people don't need sunblock and this is so NOT true!

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