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Afro-Latina Of The Week: Crystal Roman

Meet our Afro-Latina of The Week: Crystal Roman, CEO/Founder of Black Latina Movement

Afro-Latina from: Puerto Rico/Jamaica

Hometown: NYC baby!


Do you speak Spanish? / Speak any other languages or dialects? If so, what? Poquito

Share an experience about being Afro-Latina (can be a personal accomplishment, a struggle followed by a triumph, when you released you were afro-latina, something you would like to share with other afro-latinas, etc): Running BLM for the past 8 years had been a huge accomplishment for me. Making the transition from corporate America 5 years ago was a scary and risky move but what I have been able to do for myself and others pales in comparison and proves to me it was the best and most rewarding thing I could have done.

What Latin traditions do you stick to (do you cook native meals, listen music, etc)? Spanish food is a staple in my home. I have learned many dishes passed down from my great grandmother and grandmother. Which was always coupled with quality time spent telling family stories, listening to Salsa.

What is a beauty routine you could not go without? If anything else I can not LIVE with my moisturizer. Its a must for me. My sister gets on me because I especially love the ones with a little shimmer in them. Its a guilty pleasure of mine :).

Be sure to support the movement and connect with Crsytal socially.

Instagram Handle: BLM- OfficialBLMVMT and Theeromanempire_

Twitter Handle: BLM- OfficialBLMVMT and MissBlackLatina

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