Afro-latinas are around us, everywhere, and we are accomplishing great things everyday. Here you can read about other Afro-latinas, near and far. In addition, here you will find stories, features, and recaps of things that catch my interest as I journey life as an afro-latina. 

Meet Yenory Garcia-Pouncil , Afro-Latina from, Honduras now living in St. Petersburg, Florida.

What does being an afro-latina mean to you? 

Growing up I had no idea I was an Afro-Latina. Being a Garifuna from Honduras, I always identified as Garifuna and nothing else. When I moved to the United States, at just 10 years o...

I grew up hearing my parents speak Garifuna, a dialect spoken in Honduras in addition to Spanish. I have always asked curious questions about Garifuna culture and history, but this year in my late (late) 20's I learned of , Garifuna Settlement Day....for the first time! I am embarrassed to say this but at the same time attr...

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