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I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd annual "Honduras Es Musica Con Aroma de Mujer" benefit concert and dinner. The event took place in downtown Brooklyn with Panoramic views of the city at a lovely restaurant I would love to visit again, Giando on the Water.

This year was my first attending and I learned the purpose of the event is to honor Honduran women composers. The Concert is an opportunity to enjoy the lyrics and music of the Honduran women composers presented by young musicians.

I attended not knowing what to expect, but I had committed to attending because my dearest Rosie Tifre who is now a Multi-cultural Sales lead at Pandora and a fellow Afro-Latina from Honduras was being awarded. I arrived late since I stayed at work later then anticipated but after arriving, I has a great evening! I enjoy meeting new people and that I did! I rarely attend events produced by Hondurans and benefiting Honduras so this was very personal for me. It was important for me to attend and make new connections that would ultimately help in further helping my native country of Honduras.

I was proud and honored to be present and to be there supporting the cultural richness of the country, highlighting the pride of the Honduran people and promoting the musical talent of the Honduran woman.

THE HONDURAN AMERICAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION (HACA)HACA has 33 years of cultural diffusion. The Association was created in order to support those that enrich Honduran culture and heritage, thus lifting our homeland spirit. Honduras Es Música con Aroma de Mujer was presented jointly with HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Latin Actors) to benefit the Fundación de Esclerosis Multiple Amor (Foundation of Multiple Sclerosis Amor) in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

With the surge of travel to Cuba, my girlfriends and I also thought it was a good idea to take the trip. My husband traveled their earlier this year for his buddy's 40th birthday so a couples trip to Cuba wasn't going to be likely so I completely jumped on the opportunity to fly out with the girlies. 

What I was most surprised by was the population ratio of Afro-Latinos!! Not being able to use a credit card or debit card in addition to no access to ATM's was definitely tough but what really stood out to me was that there were soooo many Afro-Latinos everywhere! I don't know exact stats but you would almost think Afro-Latinos make up the majority of the population if not close. One my girlfriends also on the trip is originally from Florida where there is a large population of Cubans, and she shared the same shock and surprise as me!  

The great presence of Afro-Latinos was a learning for me and because I speak the language fluently I was able to engage with locala and ask the interview style of questions I am very much known for 😄 ha!! Cuba was by far one of the best trips I've been on and I tend to travel pretty often. It was a great cultural experience.  

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