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This month Telemundo highlighted Latina women who have created a great impact within the community through various initiatives. This series was called Mujeres Imperables where Telemundo celebrated everyday women who have pushed for progression in various sectors of society. A wide variety of women were celebrated including Carla Vernon, our very own Sandra Elisa García, founder of Afro-Latina Beauty and others like Diana Guerrero and Rocío Guerrero Colomo.

Sandra Elisa Garcia expresses the urge for Latino representation throughout the world.

“Necesitamos trabajar en la representación para que podamos vernos a nosotros mismos allí afuera en el mundo”

“We need to work on representation so we can see ourselves out there in the world” on representation so we can see ourselves out there in the world”

The corporate space can be an intimidating one where people feel the need to hide part of themselves. As a person with a diverse background, there can be even more pressure to fit a certain image and show up to work in a certain manner.

As we move into 2022, it’s important for Black and Latino people who work in the corporate space to feel like they can be their authentic self in the work space. Not only during months that celebrate their background like Black History Month, but during other months and moments of the year where the workplace can feel tense.

Authentically showing up in the workplace can look different for everyone as different work spaces embrace varies boundaries, but it can look like the following:

  • Enforcing boundaries that prioritize your own mental and emotional health

  • Engaging in difficult conversations with your with white peers

  • Limit censoring yourself and ideas

  • Speaking up

Two sets of reading list created to help you navigate are as follows:

What does it look like for you to show authentically to work? We’d love to hear from you!

Google held their first Black and Latinx Publishers Summit last December, a virtual event designed to provide a community for Black and Latinx publishers, creators, and web developers to come together. Creators from diverse backgrounds gathered to discuss digital advertising, growing your audience and maximizing your earning potential. I led a 25min session themed "Empowered Entrepreneurship''.

There were many takeaways from the summit including Sandra Garcia’s suggestion which focused on having a brand that stays consistent across multiple platforms. This suggestion allows you to master your own content and have an effective online presence. Through this, you become a reliable content curator, lure in more collaborative deals, and legitimize your brand.

Treat your website like your digital piece of real estate Grow with Google Digital Coach Sandra Garcia shared that, as a small publisher, you are in “the business of you.” She noted that small publishers and business owners can grow their careers by mastering their brands and online presence — including making sure your brand is consistent and up to date across any platforms you’re publishing content on.

Following The Black and Latinx Publishers Summit, Google published a recap, "7 takeaways from our Black and Latinx Publishers Summit". Click Here To Read The Write Up and feel free to let us know what you think.

The rise of content creation allows people to share their interests and passions with others while being able to establish a brand and make a profit. The great thing about content curation is that it exists in various forms and all depends on the person behind the camera, computer or phone. Some of our favorite Afro-Latina content curators are:

  • IG@MonicaStyleMuse

  • IG@irisbeilin

  • IG@snapshotlopes

  • IG@renellaice

  • IG@Yaris_Sanchez

We’d love to hear about some of your favorite content curators! Let us know in the chat.

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