Afro-latinas are around us, everywhere, and we are accomplishing great things everyday. Here you can read about other Afro-latinas, near and far. In addition, here you will find stories, features, and recaps of things that catch my interest as I journey life as an afro-latina. 

Celebrity Documentary On Being Black and Latino

What does it mean to be black and Latino in the U.S.? Interviews with Latino actors Laz Alonso (Avatar, Jumping the Broom), Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Gina Torres (Suits,Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), Judy Reyes (Scrubs), and musicians Christina Milian ("Dip it Low") and Kat DeLuna ("Whine Up"), and journalist Soledad O'Brien (CNN), among many others.

Carmelo Anthony Speaks About Discovering His Hispanic Roots Later in Life

Carmelo Anthony who is half Puerto Rican, shares how he discovered his heritage later in life. Carmelo gets very candid speaking about his father, Carmelo Iriarte, and he learning more about him through a book of poems. Carmelo now gives back to Puerto Rico by building, rebuilding and refurbishing basketball courts on the Island

Garifuna Settlement Day - What I learned Over Thanksgiving

I grew up hearing my parents speak Garifuna, a dialect spoken in Honduras in addition to Spanish. I have always asked curious questions about Garifuna culture and history, but this year in my late (late) 20's I learned of , Garifuna Settlement Day....for the first time! I am embarrassed to say this but at the same time attribute the new found knowledge to this Afro-Latina Beauty project. Here is some of what I learned: Garifuna Settlement Day honors the heritage of the Garifuna people, a unique ethnic group in the Caribbean and Central America. Our ancestors were Nigerian captives, who were sent in 1635 from West Africa to the New World to work on plantations and in mines. They were shipwrec