Afro-Latinas are women of Hispanic, African, and Caribbean descent.


Our Afro-latin uniqueness is to be celebrated and on this site I aim to highlight and celebrate the culture, fashions, people, and our modern lifestyle....all of the things that make us beautiful!


I was born in Honduras, Central America in the city of La Cieba. I then spent my first 4 years growing up in a small coastal town, San Antonio. I was born to an Afro-Honduran father also referred to as Garifuna* (a group of people with mixed Carib and African ancestry) and an Indigenous mother of Arawak Amerindian decent.

I relocated to the United States when I was 5 years old to join my parents in NYC and just in time to start the U.S. school system. This was when my afro-latina cultural confusion began. 

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